July 10, 2009

Stuffed Muhrooms

  1. Mushrooms(medium ,stemmed) - 5 to 6 nos
  2. Butter - 1 tbsp
  3. Onion (finely chopped) - 2 tbsp
  4. BreadCrumbs - 1/2 cup
  5. Garlic( finely chopped) - 1 no
  6. ShreddedCheese - 1/4 cup
  7. Water
  8. Salt & Pepper to Taste
  9. CorianderLeaves - 1stk
  10. Mint - 1 or 2 leaves Method:

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.
Wash mushrooms quickly under running water; drain on paper towels. Pull stems from mushrooms and chop the mushroom stems finely. Melt butter in a skillet over medium low heat & add the finely chopped garlic cook for 2 mins add the chopped onions stir till onion turns translucent & then add the chopped mushroom stems,coriander leaves, mint & cook untill soft.Then add salt , pepper & bread crumbs & give a stir by sprinkling little water into it . Add just enough bread crumbs so that mixture remains moist. In the mean time sprinkle salt over mushroom caps & set aside .Drizzle a heavy large baking sheet or pan with about 1 tsp of butter, to coat. Spoon the above filling into the mushroom caps and arrange on the baking sheet. Now put the cheese on top of the filling in each mushroom .Bake until the mushrooms are tender and the filling is heated through ,cheese melted and golden on top, about 20 minutes. Serve immediately.

Note : For the filling ,instead of Mushroom stems we can put minced chicken , crab meat etc......depends on taste.


Pavithra Elangovan said...

Loooooooooooooks so good and I always love stuffed mushroom tempting

PriyaRaj said...

thanx Pavithra.......sure it will taste very good.....

Prabhu said...

Good one !We liked this recipe !

kitchen queen said...

ur stuffed mushroom looks delicious and yummy. You can visit my blog view my recipes and give ur comments